30 years of conservation and biosphere restoration success in the Eastern Cape is under threat due to the impact of Covid on tourism. Through the Addo2Fish Marathon you will support the reserves in the area during a very tough time, and be part of a brighter future for Eastern Cape conservation with the mega reserve initiative underway.

 When you are Running to Restore, you will be taking the first steps to restoring the biodiversity and free movement of the animals of the Addo2Fish conservation landscape – between the Addo National Park and the Great Fish Nature Reserve


The Addo2Fish Marathon is a ‘soft trail’ run among the Big 5 in the Eastern Cape, and will return to the  Amakhala Game Reserve in 2023. There will be two distances on offer in the region of 20 and 40km  – but final routes and distances will only be decided on the morning. Terrain is mostly jeep track, with no barrier to road runners who want to get closer to nature.

In the 2022 edition of Addo2Fish marathon, lions necessitated a route change and a delayed start, and elephants and buffalo did dictate a mid-run route adjustment – all potentially part of the experience running on an Eastern Cape Big 5 Reserve.

Don’t plan to run your personal best, there will be plenty of distractions on route. The aid stations are run by the lodges, bringing 5-star food and soft touches onto the route.


A 6 night African Odyssey – game drives among the Big 5, sundowners overlooking the plains, nights around the fire under the African stars. And within this not only a run among the wildlife, but a full engagement with the mega reserve project that you will be a part of.  

Learn, see, do – Be. Your safari will include a day behind the scenes of the Conservation Landscapes project – you will be a conservationist.  

You will Be Moved. You will – Change Your World. 

You’ll leave with a full heart and rewarded soul, a sense of achievement in both your physical achievement and the impact you are making on the planet.


  • Safety and support protocols will be in place
    • The final routes will only be determined on the day, and may be amended mid-run if required
    • The reserve manager will be in full control of the day’s proceedings, and will pause or halt the runs if there is a threat to runners or animals
    • Helicopters will be on the reserve, in support of the reserve team on the ground
    • Two first aid crews will be on hand.  In addition, strategically placed game viewers as well as each aid station will have at least 1 first aid qualified game ranger
    • Food, water and sports drinks at each aid station and game viewer