Are you passionate about climate change, restoring biodiversity, and stopping poaching? Is economic upliftment an important part of a sustainable future for our planet?  Do you believe we need to take action NOW, for ourselves and our children?

A passion for the great outdoors is a beautiful thing. Nature connects us to our souls, and connects us to each other. This is a powerful phenomenon.

Do you have a FIRE in your soul that connects you to the natural world around you?

Be Moved’s FIRE programme has a channel for your passion.


30 years of conservation success in the Eastern Cape is under serious threat due to the impact of covid on employment and conservaton budgets.  You can get involved in supporting conservation and becoming part of an incredible dream to link the existing reserves betwen the Addo and Fish National Parks, restoring the biovdiveristy of the landscape to what it was 300 years ago, and allowing the free movement and natural breeding of wildlife.

 Bring your fire to light the dream to create a mega reserve in the Eastern Cape.



Share the Addo2Fish dream with your community and get them behind your personal campaign to support conservation and community.  This requires drive, passion and committed dedication – FIRE.  But it is far from impossible.  If you are ready to walk or run among The Big 5, and get your family, friends and community behind you – we have the Dream Project to channel your passion.



 You need to commit to raising a minimum of R10 000 and you will be invited to run Addo2Fish in 2022.  Raise R20 000 and you will be rewarded with a stay on the reserve.  

We are looking for Wildlife Warriors with fire in their hearts.  More FIRE more IMPACT.

We’ll review your application and discuss your fundraising plans with you. We would love to have you on board, and will support and reward your efforts.


FundRunners will be part of the Be Moved team, raising funds for the Addo2Fish initiative AND a specific conservation and community project. We will raise the R550 000 required to build an animal underpass under the N2, a key requirement for the mega reserve with existing roads running through it. And we will raise money for the monthly funding of the training of a community member and for them to be equipped and employed as a ranger on a reserve.


You will be taken behind the scenes of conservation as you learn about what we are doing so you can talk with authority with your community, and most importantly – you will be invited to where it is all happening. If you reach your fundraising target, you will be running or walking at The Addo2Fish Marathon. There are a range of of rewards and a grand prize – all to keep you motivated and making a difference.